Civil Engineer

Project Overview

MOL Assisted Toda Corporation in the recruitment of a Civil Engineer.
Toda Corporation was planning to expand its overseas project, and was looking for people  having a background in construction and civil engineering who could negotiate contracts in English.
While asking about the type of human resources they were looking for their plan to expand overseas projects, it became clear that it is not necessary to be Japanese. Therefore, we proposed our Global HR consulting services.

Project Content

We introduced Mr. Mert, a Turkish national who graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in his home country and completed his MBA at a Japanese graduate school with a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho).

Mr. Mert is now working hard in the civil engineering department at the headquarters of Toda Corporation.

Certificate of Eligibility

Technical/Specialist in Humanities/International Services

Job type

Technical General




Toda Corporation takes a long-term view of human resource development and has its employees experience a variety of departments to develop their skills, but there are concerns about whether this will match the career aspirations of international students.
To make this point clear, we held interviews in a more casual atmosphere than usual to ensure that both the company and Mr. Mert had time to confirm what both parties were looking for.

In addition, We advised Mr. Mert to interview graduate school teachers and seniors about Toda Corporation and the general contractor industry, and carefully consider whether it was the company he really wanted to work for among many Japanese companies.


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