Piping Work

Project Overview

This project was initiated with a mid- to long-term perspective.
MOL is helping to establish a system so that partner companies to Osaka Gas can accept Filipino workers smoothly.
Specifically, we help visa issue, introducing them to the Filipino sending organization and training facilities, reviewing optimum pre-departure training program (customized Japanese language education and construction of facility to train piping workers, etc), continuously providing information about the Philippines, and supporting communication between stakeholders in the two countries. We are looking forward to stable operation of the project with our support ten years from now.

Piping Work

Piping Work

Project Content

Accepting company

Partner companies for Osaka Gas

Job type

Piping worker (construction)



Number of workers
Work location

Japan - Kansai area


Visit to the Philippines

Because most partner companies would be accepting international workers for the first time, we took representatives from nine companies, together with Osaka Gas representatives, to the Philippines.

We covered a lot of activities including visiting sending organization and training facilities and experiencing Filipino history and culture. It also provided a valuable opportunity for us to discover concerns and opinions of partner companies because we don't usually have such opportunities for direct communication with them. We will be able to utilize this information in our subsequent support activities.

Visit to the Philippines

Impact of Covid-19

While we were preparing for their entry to Japan in October 2020, the unexpected pandemic due to Covid-19 caused a big delay in the project and put us in a difficult situation to determine when we could restart it. We had multiple discussions with Osaka Gas and other stakeholders to work out a way to restart the project with utmost attention to safety.
As a result, we were able to resume the hiring process at the start of 2021 using online communication and other means.

Impact of Covid-19

Global HR Consulting Case Studies

Global HR

Mitsui Fudosan Facilities Co., Ltd. - Technical intern trainees from the Philippines for the first time -

Global HR

Toda Corporation - Civil Engineer from the Turkey

Services (Global HR Consulting)

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