MOL PLUS to Invest in Regional Fish Institute



MOL PLUS today announced investment in Regional Fish Institute, Ltd. , which develops next generation aquaculture model by combining high-speed breeding and smart aquaculture.


By improving breeds using “genome editing” technology , Regional Fish aims to address world’s coming protein shortage, offer farmed fish that can be raised with less feed, and then realize an environmentally friendly and sustainable aquaculture industry, which in turn will revitalize the Japanese fisheries industry as well as regional economies. Expecting Regional Fish will make a significant contribution to solving ESG issues: namely, addressing global food problems and reducing the environmental impact, MOL PLUS has decided to invest in the company.

In the future, MOL PLUS will collaborate with Regional Fish’s offshore aquaculture business in consideration of its environmental impact, and also collaborate in the company’s overseas business development by utilizing MOL Group's global networks.

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