Offshore Wind Power Energy Business

Based on our extensive knowledge of the sea, ships, and floating structures cultivated over many years as a comprehensive marine transportation company, We will contribute to the entire value chain of offshore wind power by leveraging the collective strengths of the MOL Group.

Expand the field to social infrastructure companies from the oceans

The offshore wind power generation-related business is an area with synergies with the Group's existing businesses and has a potential for sustainable growth in the context of the rapid shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
One of the initiatives to contribute to the reduction of society's GHG emission is offshore wind power business. MOL is offering a range of services in the value chains of offshore wind power business where we can utilise our experience and expertise of maritime transport and offshore businesses (FSRU, FPSO, etc.). 

MOL Group’s Overview of Ocean Clean Energy Business


Overview of the MOL Group’s Offshore Wind Power Business
Value Chain


Offshore wind power generation is a wide-range industry, with most of its supply chain extending offshore. The MOL Group consists of number of operating companies active in supply chain services of  to offshore wind power generation, including marine consulting, towing, coastal shipping, special cargo transport, and logistics. We expect synergies with the knowledge and resources we have developed as a group for the entire offshore wind power generation value chain.   

MOL has two pillars in offshore wind power business. One is supply chain services for offshore wind farms such as construction and logistics, marine consultation, and O&M, and the other is the development of offshore wind farms including participation in Formosa1 offshore wind power project. MOL will accumulate experience and expertise in fixed-bottom offshore wind power generation and supply chain business and strive to become a leading company which has its strengths in floating offshore wind power generation.

Transportation and Logistics

Sea-land integrated transportation / Port service provision

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Total support for land/sea/air transportation, port cargo handling, customs clearance, installation, etc.

Provides all kinds of marine transport services using domestic and overseas networks, including bulk ships, multi-purpose ships, heavy cargo ships, module ships, and barges. It operates a small international module ship and has many transport records of onshore wind turbine components. Besides, plans are underway to build a new coastal module ship suitable for transporting offshore wind power facilities.

Provides an emergency transportation service for wind power generation parts and a total coordination service by taking advantage of its 139 networks deployed across 26 countries and agency's 189 networks deployed across 51 countries. 

Has a track record of special cargo transportation using a super carrier with extensive operation experience in domestic port terminals. Provides a consistent service from route investigation, land transportation, unloading from barges and general cargo ships, and marine transportation arrangement to local installation.

Special Cargo Transportation

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Special Cargo Transportation


Installation & Construction

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SEP Vessel Responding to Installation and Construction of Wind Turbines

“Self-Elevating Platform” is also called “Wind Turbine Installation Vessels.” It is equipped with supporting legs which can rest on the seabed and move up and down. The vessel installs offshore wind power turbines safely by moving its own cranes and platform up to the sea surface with a crane. By raising and maintaining a level higher than the waves, the installation can be done even in rough sea. It can be used not only to install offshore wind turbines but also to support maintenance work on offshore oil and gas rigs. MOL holds shares in Cadeler, a leading Danish SEP ship owner that owns one of the world's largest SEP fleets. The SEPs owned by Cadeler are engaged in the construction and maintenance of offshore wind turbines around the world.
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Implementation of DP simulator
The first Nl-certified DP training center in Japan

Dynamic Positioning (DP) Simulator with a Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) widely contributes to the offshore wind power value chain by offering offshore wind power-related consultations using a simulator and developing
and providing training that meet customers’ requests.

DP Simulator

Cable Installation

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Power Cable Laying Vessel Business Responding to Growing Demand 

It is necessary to strengthen the nation's power system to transmit electricity from Hokkaido and the coast of the Sea of Japan, which are suitable for offshore wind power generation, to areas with great demand for electricity, so long-distance transmission methods using ocean routes are considered promising.
Cable Laying Ships adopt “Dynamic Positioning Systems“ to lay submarine cables with safety and precision, and MOL group have accumulated technology and expertise to automatically maintain the ship position under various environmental and weather conditions. We aim to utilize our know-how in power cable laying work for offshore wind power generation facilities.

The MOL Group has been responsible for ship management and the operation of four cable-laying ship in total, owned by KDDI Cable ship Co.,Ltd., (wholly owned by KDDI, hereinafter called KCS”) for over 50 years. In order to respond to the demand for power cable-laying ship that are expected to grow, MOL signed a memorandum of agreement for cooperati on in power cable installation with KCS in September 2021 and promotes the commercialization of the power cable-laying ship business. In addition, we will take on the role for the development of cable laying support vessels as the project selected by NEDO in June 2023.

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Offshore Wind Ports Consultation

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Base port services/MCC (Marine Coordination Centre) operation support

MOL proprietary management system for secure ship sailing "Safe Operation Support Center (Safety Operation Supporting Center: SOSC) " Management personnel include those with ship’s captain experience
and are available 24/7 to prevent serious accidents.
It supports MCC functions such as monitoring of vessels navigating the waters around offshore wind power generation facilities and safety management of offshore wind power generation facility construction.

Crew Transportation(CTV/SOV)

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Asia's first SOV business

Service Operation Vessel (SOV) has accommodations for wind farm service and maintenance technicians, allowing them to stay on-site for extended periods. SOVs are equipped with a dynamic positioning system (DPS) to constantly maintain a safe distance between the vessel and the offshore wind farm, as well as a special gangway with a motion compensation function (absorbing hull movement due to wind and wave action and so on), allowing safe and easy access between the vessel and the offshore wind turbines.

Ta San Shang Marine which is a JV established between MOL and Ta Tong Marine, our key business partner in Taiwan, started the operation of the first newbuild SOV in Asia "TSS PIONEER" in 2022.  TSS PIONEER has been engaged in O&M support for the Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Farm under a Time Charter contract with Ørsted, the world’s largest offshore wind developer.
Furthermore, in November 2023, Ta San Shang Marine signed a shipbuilding contract with the Dutch Shipbuilding Company, Damen Group for the 2nd SOV “TSS CRUISER”. This vessel is being built at a shipyard in Vietnam and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2025. After delivery, “TSS CRUISER” is planned to be engaged in support operations for offshore wind farms in Taiwan.

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Ownership, Management, and Operation of CTV

Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) is a transportation vessel that delivers wind farm technicians to offshore wind turbines with a relatively short distance from the port. (Passenger capacity 12-24 people) The fender attached to the bow is pushed on the offshore wind farm facility to transfer technicians from CTV in safe. Standard vessel type is aluminum catamaran.
In order to provide safe, secure CTV services, MOL has been engaged in the research and development of hull forms optimized for the inclement weather and nautical conditions of Japan. Performing verification tests in a water tank and simulations of wave motion characteristics when sailing and entering ports, MOL develops the best hull form for Japanese waters. 

From June 2023, MOL group put three crew transfer vessels into the offshore windfarm at Ishikari Bay New Port to support the construction and operation of the project. In addition, one of the CTVs, The KAZEHAYA owned by MOL, is the first CTV in Japan managed and operated under International Safety Management (ISM) Code, which is the international standard of the ship safety management system, certified by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK) .


Maintenance Crew Training

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Personnel development and supply for wind power maintenance

Even on the sea, wind farm maintenance is done by human hand. Offshore wind power is  about more than just finishing the construction. We also have to consider how to sustain its availability. 
MOL has locally established MM EMPOWER with the Philippines’ Magsaysay, our over 40-year partner in crew development.
MM EMPOWER offers total support from the securing of suitable  human resources for local training and follow-up services to companies intending to utilize overseas human resources. As part of this service it offers training for O&M technicians for wind power generation systems.


Global HR Consulting

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Maritime Education
& Training

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Marine Consultation

Site Investigation and Assesment

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Support for selecting the best marine areas for business deployment
from a marine consultant's point of view

We will engage in consulting services for marine and port operations, including site environment studies, support for the selection and operation of project sea areas and base ports, and support for the formulation of business plans and strategies.

Offshore Wind Power Development

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Enhancing the sophistication and quality of supply chain services
by participating in the power generation business

In order to anticipate the standards and needs of the offshore wind industry, we believe that our involvement in the power generation business itself, which is the core of this industry, will enable us to enhance the sophistication and quality of our supply chain services, which is one of the strengths of our Group. By combining and packing these supply chain services, we will provide comprehensive services and one-stop services that can only be offered by our Group. 
For example, fixed-bottom offshore wind farms are currently the mainstream, but floating offshore wind power projects are highly promising. We are the only company in Asia with experience of owning and operating FSRUs, and the floating offshore wind power businesses is an area where we can utilize our knowledge and expertise in offshore businesses and offshore structure operation. As the floating offshore wind turbines are installed at a longer distance from the coast, their supply chains are also expected to be longer and larger. We are positive that our strength can be utilized throughout the entire process, including towing, installation, mooring, maintenance, and operation of wind turbine components and foundations (floating structures).

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The MOL Group will respond to a wide range of customer concerns related to wind power generation, from Feasibility Study to Engineering, logistics, construction, and O & M. A document outlining this service is available for download.

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