Low-Carbon / Decarbonized Business

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines is working to both eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from vessels, and contributes to the clean energy supply chain from upstream to downstream.

Low-carbon / Decarbonaized Business to acheive Net-Zero

Responding to and leveraging the global shift in energy sources, actively develop the negative emission business as one of the important frameworks to make net zero possible. Through these businesses, we will also contribute to the reduction of emissions throughout society.

MOL Group’s Pathway to Net Zero GHG Emissions

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MOL offers a wide range of Low-carbon / Decarbonaized solutions from upstream (manufacturing) to downstream (transportation and supply)


Carbon business

Our initiatives for Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)

In addition to reducing emissions from the value chain, including MOL, we engage with CDR to contribute to the mitigation actions beyond the value chain (BVCM).

Given the limited remaining carbon budget, we are taking initiatives to support the scaling of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) from now, in addition to reducing the emission from value chain.

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This is an ultimate zero emission project under the Wind Challenger Project, currently in progress with MOL.
Offshore wind energy from sails is used not only as a propulsive force for the vessels, but also for the generation of hydrogen. We are studying ways to supply hydrogen to users on shore by combining this system with fuel cell, etc.


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Offshore Wind Power Energy Business

We MOL Group offering a range of services in the value chains of offshore wind power, an emerging renewable energy field. Utilizing the knowledge of the MOL Group as a whole, we provide total support for the spread of offshore wind power generation, from site investigation and assessment to transportation and logistics, installation and construction, and O&M. 

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