FAQ Questions about Wind Challenger

Does adding the sail change the number of days required for transportation?

There are two advantages of adding the sail:
1. The propulsion force generated by the sail accelerates the vessel to reach its destination earlier.
2. The propulsion force generated by the sail reduces the output power of the main engine to lower fuel consumption without changing the number of required days to the destination.

Does any special handling is required for loading and unloading if the sail is added?

For a single sail, no special handling is required.

Does adding multiple sails affect the amount of cargo that can be loaded to a vessel?

Deadwater tonnage (DWT) has to be reduced by the weight of the sails. Sails do not affect the hold capacity.

Which SDGs item does Wind Challenger can contribute towards?


Do you promote other sources of power than wind power to reduce greenhouse gas emission from vessels?

We are not considering sources of power other than wind power at this point. However, we are considering next-generation technologies such as low-carbon fuels with low environmental load and fuel cells.

Are there any types of vessels on which the sail cannot be installed?


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Wind energy is clean and unlimited. We aim to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by converting wind energy to propulsion force for ships.

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