Dump Truck Transport

Project Overview

Over 6-meters high monster trucks loaded on car carrier

Monster trucks over 6 meters high, 13 meters long, with a cargo capacity of 150 tons each were transported from the Port of Hitachinaka in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, to Brisbane, Australia.
These gigantic trucks could not be loaded as they are from the cargo hold entrance, and a special method was required.

Project Content

Steering Around Height Restrictions

A completed truck is taller than the cargo hold height and could not be loaded as is. We disassembled each truck and loaded the sections on an extra large trailer to overcome this restriction. The trailer was towed by a large tow truck and loaded to the carrier .

Transport by Towing

Non-self propelling cargo can be transported on a car carrier by loading it on an extra-large trailer. As long as the center of gravity of the cargo can be stabilized, its size (length/width) can exceed that of the trailer. Please inquire for more details.

Car Carriers Case Studies

Car Carrier

Loading over 6-meter high monster trucks

Car Carrier

Transporting motor boats from Japan to the Bahamas

Nine Points for Safe Transport of Automobiles ~Preventing accidents in cargo handling~

Nine Points for Safe Transport of Automobiles ~Preventing accidents in cargo handling~

Download a white paper covering nine measures that we are taking to ensure safe transport of your cargo.

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MOL ACE Services


Download service overview materials about our top-quality services including our group brand (MOL ACE), our car carrier (FLEXIE), and our transport routes.

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Services (Car Carriers)

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Introducing frequently asked questions and answers about car carrier services.

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Explanations of terms concerning car carrier services, their facilities and related basic knowledge.

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