Wind Power Generation Equipment Transportation

Project Overview

We transported blades for wind turbines at Eurus Nishime Wind Farm in the city of Yurihonjo in Akita Prefecture, Japan. This was a request from Eurus Technical Service Corp., a member of the Eurus Energy Group which is conducting clean power generation business in Japan and abroad.

Project Content

We provided fast and secure multimodal transportation services encompassing marine and land leveraging our logistic network and transportation know-how. Because the client was in a hurry, we conducted a site survey immediately after a quotation request in October 2019 and secured a ship to perform domestic shipping from the Port of Ishikari to the Port of Akita before the end of December 2019. While waiting for a passage permit, we proceeded with preparation work including removal of obstacles en route. The cargo was then transported from the Port of Akita to a site specified by the client using trailers, successfully completing the delivery.

Marine transport

Securing blades
Marine transport using a 499-ton vessel
Loading trailers

Land transport at night

Crossing a railway crossing
Receiving guidance along a mountain road
Handling sharp turns

Heavy Cargo Transportation Case Studies

Heavy Cargo

Transportation project carrying large precision equipment for an automobile engine plant using a pure car truck carrier (PCTC)

Heavy Cargo

Transporting blades for wind turbine

Heavy Cargo

Transportation of costly helicopters requires delicate cargo handling

Heavy Cargo

Shipping parts of gas turbine from overseas, returning it to Japan after repairs

Heavy Cargo

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Heavy Cargo

Domestic transportation of Steel Coils using MOL COILPORTER® in 10ft containers.

MOL Project & Heavy Cargo Service Overview

MOL project & heavy cargo サービス概要(英)

Download service materials overviewing the capability of MOL Project & Heavy Cargo (MOL PHC), including our fleet and equipments and introduction of our group companies.

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MOL Wind Power Project

MOL Wind Power Project

Download service overview materials about our top-quality services including our group brand (MOL ACE), our car carrier (FLEXIE), and our transport routes.

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Services (Heavy Cargo Transportation)

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Introducing frequently asked questions and answers about heavy cargo transportation.

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Explanations of terms concerning facilities and basic knowledge related to heavy cargo transportation.

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Transporting Heavy Cargos

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